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Hardik Patel Agitation – For or Against OBC Reservation?

hardik-patel-Patel-CommunityEditor’s Desk: It may be very difficult to say whether Hardik Patel’s agitation is in support of Reservation or an attempt to end the Quota System? Is he being used to trigger a debate and massive campaign against reservation system in the country. Here are some

* Hardik Patel was allowed to hold rally at the GMDC Ground in the heart of Ahmedabad.
* He was provided with all kind of facilities. The ground was given free of cost.
* He gave the speech in Hindi although his audience was Gujarati. It’s quite clear that he was targeting the national audience.
* The Gujarat Government waived toll tax for all vehicles coming to his rally. Special stickers were provided.
* Hardik Patel was deliberately arrested and then let off within 90 minutes. By then, violence started and spread.
* The policemen, who were cordial to Hardik and his supporters throughout the day, turned violent in the evening.
* Situation was allowed to go beyond control so that it becomes a cause for debate and people turn against reservation.
* Hardik himself says, reservation is a problem. “Give us quota or scrap it completely”, he says.

The turn of events over the next few weeks, would be interesting to watch.

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