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Modi Government @ 365 Days: Progress Made, Results Awaited

ModiFrom the Editor’s Desk: The hype and hoopla are over! As the Modi Government completes one year in office, one question is being asked by all people across the board in India – whether ‘Achhe Din’ has arrived or not. And, Narendra Modi gave a fitting answer to these questions. “I never guaranteed ‘Achhe Din’ for those, who looted India. For the rest, I have removed the ‘Burey Din’ and laid the foundation for an ‘Achhe Din’. In the last one year, whatever I did, will be the basis to bring all round development and growth across India in the next few years to come”.

He may be right to some extent. Yes, Modi ended the bureaucratic hurdles by taking control of all decision making process. Many believe that Ministers cannot move without the PM’s order. Be it Sushma, Rajnath, Jaitley or Gadkari, they all need the PM’s approval to make things going. As Modi is seen as a symbol of growth and development and carries the hopes and aspirations of millions of people across the country, he does not want to risk his reputation, commitment and good governance model. He rules the roost, for sure.

The power circle in Delhi has been busted forever. Modi dared to take on Corporate-Bureaucrat nexus by exposing the espionage, which no other government dared to do despite knowing what was going on. The Lutyen’s Media was tamed to a large extent. Modi is doing what a typical Gujarati does – ‘Perform and Earn’. From Jan Dhan Yojana to MUDRA Bank, from LPG Subsidy to Social Security Schemes, from raising the FDI to increasing coal and power production, from MakeInIndia program to promoting Indian culture and yoga, from taking a brave stand at WTO to lending helping hand to Indians and foreigners in Yemen and Nepal, Modi definitely scored a huge point.

The huge revenue collected from coal block auction, was the major achievement of Modi Government. He proved the Congress completely wrong on this issue and negated its ‘zero loss’ theory. Empowering the states and increasing their share in revenue, was another welcome decision. The establishment of NITI Aayog with the active participation of Chief Ministers, is definitely a way forward. Passage of insurance bills, also paved the way for economic reforms.

On the black money issue, his government has taken a series of steps, but still positive results are awaited. Although motivation, spirit and energy of the armed forces have increased manifold, the Ex-Servicemen are still upset about the non-implementation of ‘One Rank One Pension’ scheme. That requires urgent attention.

Although steps were taken to contain inflation and price rise, unseasonal rains and crop loss added to the woes of farmers as well as the common people. It’s high time Modi Government addresses the issue on a priority basis. It’s definitely doing its bit by increasing the compensation amount for farmers and changing the criteria to give them maximum benefits. Soil Testing labs and more emphasis on neem coated urea, will increase the crop yield and bring cheers to the farmers in the years to come. A lot of action has been taken on ‘Ganga Cleaning’ mission, but more to be done. ‘Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana’ failed to make headway because of the lack of interest of Parliamentarians. But, Modi is still hopeful about its success.

The biggest challenge for Modi Government lies in Land Acquisition Bill and GST. Both bills have been passed by Lok Sabha. But, as the Opposition remains adamant, the government finds it tough to see their smooth passage in Rajya Sabha. Even if the opposition talks about the demerits of land bill to put the Modi Government on back foot and project Modi as anti-farmer, the reality remains that unless the bill is passed, there will be no development and economic reforms in India and the nation will go backwards. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill may not see more opposition though.

By visiting 19 foreign countries in one year and spending 55 days abroad, Modi neither attained any spiritual growth nor used the visits for holidaying or vacation or sabbatical. He created a big buzz on the global arena and put India on the top of the global map. Be it increasing investment, clinching key deals or enhancing India’s image, those foreign visits helped India, not Modi.

A lot of progress has been made over the year, policy paralysis has come to an end. But, common people are still awaiting good days. Dream is not over yet for those who voted for Narendra Modi. They are happy with the progress and want to wait for more days or months or even 1/2 years to see ‘Achhe Din’. But, those, who did not vote for him or would never vote, are questioning each and every policy and seeking ‘Achhe Din’ instantly. Patience holds the key. Modi always wanted ’60 Months’ to change India’s fate. Let’s give him 60 months and see the results. ‘Perform or Perish’ is today’s mantra. If he performs, he will stay. Or else, he will be thrown out. #IndiaFirst.

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