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C-Voter Survey predicts 12 Lok Sabha seats for BJP in Odisha

ONI Bureau: For the second consecutive month, the C-Voter survey has predicted steep decline for the Biju Janata Dal in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, saying it would be able to win just 6 out of 21 Lok Sabha seats in the State.

In the previous survey in September, C-Voter had predicted 13 seats for BJP, 6 for BJD and 2 for Congress. This time, it has gone given an additional seat to Congress at the cost of BJP.

However, as the survey has predicted shocking results for the BJD, which is still holding the edge in the state with Naveen Patnaik at the helm, political pundits are skeptical about it. They believe the survey is far from ground reality in the Odisha context. Some others attribute it to discontent within the BJD, discontent among the voters and high approval ratings of PM Modi among the voters.

The BJD had won 20 out of 21 seats in 2014 Lok Sabha polls, while BJP had won just one despite the ‘Modi Wave’ across India. The Congress had drawn blank.

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