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Jagamohan Repair: Three tonnes stainless steel reaches at Puri

Stainless-steel-JagamohanaFor safety of the Jagamohan prayer hall inside Puri’s Jagannath temple, on the basis of recommendations of the technical committee and experts of IIT Madras.

Around three tonnes stainless steel frames reached at Puri while more stainless steel frames will be required for the repair work, these frames are 20 feet long and five feet wide each will be used for four columns inside the prayer hall. Another 18 tonnes of stainless steel frames will be reach soon to Puri from Mumbai for repairing seven pockets of the Jagamohan prayer hall, administration said.

The repair of the Jagamohan prayer hall will be start after the deities of the temple out of the Anasara Gruha (Hibernation Home).

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