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Kharabela hints at big political development in Odisha in Dec 2018

ONI Bureau: Utkal Bharat President Kharabela Swain, who is being opposed by ruling party people at various meetings, has almost bared the game plan to “oust” Naveen Patnaik from power, saying a big political development will take place in Odisha in December 2018.

While speaking on OTV’s ‘Khola Katha’, Kharabela Swain lamented the way political rivals are being targeted in Odisha by the ruling party. He revealed how he was attacked by people close to Rajya Sabha MP Pratab Deb in Aul and claimed that he has a 2.36 minute video, which he would release at an appropriate time.

He also alleged that the Govt has failed to live up to the expectations of the common people despite ruling the State for over 18 years.

The three-time Lok Sabha MP yet again linked the Abhijity Iyer-Mitra episode to the bitter tussle between BJD and Baijayant Panda, saying the Delhi-based Writer was inconsequential and alien to Odisha, but got more mileage now due to the onslaught launched on him by the ruling party.

“A lot of things are going to happen in Odisha politics soon. Whether in 2009 or 2014, there was no alternative to Naveen Patnaik. He did not face any opposition. But, 2019 will be a different ball game. All anti-Naveen forces would unite under a viable leadership in December 2018 in a bid to overthrow the CM and his party from power,” he claimed without revealing more details.

While making his bitterness towards BJP and Dharmendra Pradhan clear, Kharabela Swain said, “I have no problems with people in BJD or Congress; rather I have problems with people in BJP”.

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