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Land Losers of Lanjigarh appeal Vedanta COO

LanjigarhLanjigarh, Sep 17: Vedanta Land-Losers Association Lanjigarh sent a letter to request Vedanta COO not to close the plant. In the letter no 41 /2015, Mr.Uday Kumar, President of VLLA, Lanjigarh mentioned about Vedanta’s various development  initiative in terms of health, Education, Livelihood and infrastructure towards bringing a change in development of the region. Previously the area was famous for poverty and starvation. Later after the establishment of Vedanta refinery the villagers got their livelihood directly or indirectly and the area is developed.

Mr Kumar has said that if the company will be closed then the development of the region will be stopped. So we request Govt. to intervene and give immediate supply of bauxite to run the plant.

Similarly Mr Paramanand Naik, General Secretary of Vedanta Land losers Association told that the socio of economic development of this region will be more if the plant runs .The villagers will run for livelihood to other states  if it stops; he added.

The Land losers of 04 G.P such as Lanjigarh, Chhatrapur, Batelima, and Champadeipur have sent letters to local MLA, MP Kalahandi, Collector Kalahandi and Chief Minister of Odisha to give an immediate bauxite deposit to run Lanjigarh Plant. VLLA is a registered organization formed since March 2013 who has been working for various issues of Land losers in the region.

This year the villagers also facing draught and the business in Nuakahai is also being deeply affected due to this.  Previously a 12-hour Bandha was observed at Lanjigarh and road blockade on Bhawanipatna-Rayagada Road on 3rd Sept in a protest to closure of Plant. People of Lanjigarh have been demanding that the state government provide bauxite source to Vedanta Aluminium plant which is facing closure due to want of raw materials. The Villagers also met Local MLA and Chief Minister few days before. This plant is going to close due to not availability of bauxite and is facing a very financial crisis of daily 3 crore loss.

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