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Odisha Nari Samaj supports Anna Hazare’s Protest

Odisha Nari Samaj supports Anna Hazare's Protest Odisha Nari Samaj, a State-level federation of 54 tribal women’s organizations, protested against the land acquisition amendment ordinance on Wednesday. The organization followed the path of Anna Hazare’s path in the state and organized a rally protesting the land

Leaders of the Odisha Nari Samaj warned the Central Government over the land acquisition ordinance terming it anti-tribal. The organization would resort a massive movement in Odisha opposition the bill.

Karmi Besra, spokesperson of Odisha Nari Samaj, said that right to livelihood would be affected if the ordinance on land acquisition is passed by the central government. Besra expressed concern over the use of clause ‘consent of landlord’ in the process of land acquisition. She said tribal people need food not money.

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