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Almaty presents 2022 Winter Games bid to IOC Members

Almaty winter olympicsLausanne, June 9 (IANS): The delegation for Almaty 2022 Winter Olympic Games held its first round of scheduled presentations on Tuesday to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“During the presentations we showed our map and we presented in detail our existing venues,” a member of the Almaty delegation told Xinhua after the meeting, which also saw the central Asian delegation answer questions from the 85 IOC members.

The official said they answered all the IOC questions “both honestly and frankly”.

The Beijing delegation began its presentation after Almaty.

According to the 2022 evaluation commission’s report released earlier this month, Almaty’s vision is to contribute to the Kazakhstan 2050 development plan, enhance the population’s health as well as the country’s international profile while delivering the games which can be used as a model for sustainable and affordable games in the future.

Tuesday is the first of two days of crucial presentations, where both candidate cities Almaty and Beijing will try to impress IOC members ahead of the decisive July 31 vote during the committee’s 128th session in Kuala Lumpur this year.

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