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Brazil confirms 508 cases of microcephaly

microcephaly BrazilBrasilia, Feb 18: Brazil has registered 508 cases of microcephaly since October 2015, when the country declared a public health emergency over a rising microcephaly incidence caused by the Zika virus. These cases occurred in over 200 towns. So far, only two states in the South American country have not detected microcephaly cases, Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday.

The government did not specify how many of the confirmed cases were caused by Zika infection, but said the virus was mainly responsible. Suspected cases of microcephaly in the country have increased from 5,079 to 5,280, among which 837 were dismissed and 3,935 are still being investigated.

A total of 108 newborn deaths or miscarriages of fetuses with microcephaly or nervous system alterations were reported since October. Out of these, 27 have been confirmed for microcephaly, 11 were dismissed and the rest are still under investigation.

The Zika virus has also struck other Latin American nations and has become a global concern. (IANS)

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