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Thai Red Cross opens Asia’s First Transgender Clinic

First Transgender ClinicBangkok, Nov 30: The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, in collaboration with its US development partners, has opened the first clinic in Asia to target services exclusively to the transgender community, the media reported on Monday.

The Tangerine Community Health Centre, located on the first floor of the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre in Bangkok, has been funded by the US Agency for International Development and was implemented by RTI International and partners.

It aims to become a model for quality health services and research on transgender health, the Bangkok Post reported.

Centre officials said current social, economic, cultural and legal frameworks, as well as health policies, inadequately address gender sensitivity and transgender identity.

It has led to issues such as misuse of hormones for gender-affirmation, vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, stigma and discrimination.

“This is an immense step for Thailand and the region regarding the mobilisation and advocacy for transgender health,” said Nicha Rongram, spokeswoman for the Thai Transgender Alliance for Human Rights.

The Tangerine Centre’s services include psychosocial counselling, hormone administration and pap smears.

The centre, managed by trained transgender personnel and gender-sensitive medical professionals.  (IANS)

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