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Ukraine, Pro-Russia Rebels sign Peace Accord

Ukraine, Pro-Russia RebelUkraine troops and Pro-Russia rebels have signed a comprehensive peace accord on Friday, and swap hundreds of prisoners on the occasion.

The move came after the initial talks meditated by European and Russian envoys in the Belarussian capital Minsk on Wednesday.

This is new push for peace in European region, as rebels and the Ukrain troops have been involved in the bloodiest conflicts in decades.

Both troops and rebels have reached on four agenda points, during the peace talks on Wednesday that lasted for five hours, agreed to swap 222 guerrillas and 145 Ukrainian troops.

It has been good news for the captives as they would be getting chance to back to home on the eve of New Year, they welcomed the move for peace restoration in the region.

It is noteworthy that both Ukraine troops and Pro-Russia were not agreed to free all the captives, besides the peace accord was signed. Other captives could be freed on Saturday, no confirmation yet reported on that.

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