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CII holds Conference on Industrial Safety & Environment

CIICII North Odisha Zonal Council under the Chairmanship of Mr. Rajdeep Mohanty, Resident Director, Jindal Stainless Limited organized one day ‘Conference on Industrial Safety & Environment’ on 5th May, 2015 at Jindal Stainless Limited, Jajpur.

The programme was started with the Welcome address of Mr. Rajdeep Mohanty. He thanked Shri Gudey Srinivas, IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Labour & Employees State Insurance, Govt. of Odisha, Shri P C Das, Director (Factories & Boilers), Govt. of Odisha, Mr. Ansuman Bhanja, Director (Operations), Balasore Alloys Ltd, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Executive Director, VISA Steel Ltd, Mr. Ajit Kothari, Chief Project – Iron Making, TATA Steel Ltd and the present delegates of the session.

His address consisted of the safety of working culture in Jajpur industrial area. He also spoke about the accident that happens in industries because of which human resource and finance is lost. He stressed on minimizing this accidents. Considering the lack of awareness in industries principally in worker grades or negligence of very basic safety knowledge accidents happened. Therefore, CII has taken up this agenda to execute workers through safety workshop and concurrent events.

After this, Mr. Rajdeep Mohanty requested Mr. Ajit Kothari to give the address. Mr. Ajit Kothari spoke all his past experience. On safety he spoke about the seriousness of one should have to avoid any type of accidents, he spoke about the culture one should establish in organization to avoid any fatal accidents. Mr. Kothari also spoke about SOPs and other safety norms.

Mr. Ansuman Bhanja gave the theme address. Mr. Bhanja spoke about the culture of safety in his organization. He said safety should be in blood, meaning safety should be first for every individual working in an organization. He said conferences like this gives a learning opportunities to every individuals, thus learning more. He also thanks to CII for such a conference focusing on the basics of safety.

The special address was given by Shri Gudey Srinivas, IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Labour & Employees’ Stage Insurance, GoO. He thanks CII and the Chairman Mr. Rajdeep Mohanty for conducting the awareness session. He spoke about the policies and procedures of Govt. on safety norms and compliances. He said the department is here to guide, to reduce the accidents and make understand the important of safety.

He also stressed on the facts that a slight negligence some time leads to a fatal accidents. He also said that Govt. is trying to develop user friendly and paperless procedures for permits and certificates. He said the Govt. department is here to work as a mentor to industries and help in implementing different procedures and systems. He also spoke on the safety management system in different industries which has reduced accidents. He requested suggestions from the industries to improve the department and industry coordination. At last he thanked the speakers and the delegates present in the session.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Manoj Kumar, Member, CII North Odisha Zonal Council & Executive Director, VISA Steel Ltd. He said his experience on accidents that were due to negligence of safety norms. He also requested the delegates present not to compromise on safety. After this he expressed his sincere thanks to the guests and the delegates present for the conference.

The next session was technical session chaired by Shri P C Das, Director (Factories & Boilers), GoO. Shri Das expressed his concern about safety and anticipated to have a fruitful technical session with good speakers from different category of industries.

The technical session started with Mr. Pitabas Sahu, DGM-SH&E, NALCO representing ‘Behavioral based Safety’. After this Mr. G C Bisoi, Asst. Director (Factories & Boilers Dept) spokes on ‘Safety Compliance as per “Factory Act” / “Odisha Factory Rule”. The third speaker Mr. D R Dash, DGM-Electrical, Balasore Alloys Ltd who spokes on ‘Static Electricity (Hazard & Safety)’ followed by Er. S K Pati, Sr. Faculty, IFAST represented ‘Fire Safety at Shop-floor’. The last speaker for the session was Mr. A K Patry, DGM-Safety & Environment, VISA Steel Ltd who spokes ‘Best Practices in Industry – VISA Steel’. In the end Shri P C Das, Director (Factories & Boilers), GoO thanked to all the speakers and requested CII to constitute a body in association with Department of Factories & Boilers which would act as a ‘Observer and Mentor’ to the industries to help them learn more about safety.

The second technical session was on environment, chaired by Dr. A K Swar, Sr. Environmental Engineer, SPCB, Odisha. He spokes on the environment issues which crop up due to over industrialization. He also appreciated the efforts taken by new age industries to conserve the environment. After this he invited MR. Rajesh Kanungo, COO, Sun Consultancy Pvt. Ltd to speak on ‘Hazardous waste Management’. The last speaker for the conference was Mr.  U S Parkhi, Head Environment, TATA Steel Limited who spoke on ‘Environment Management System’.
The conference saw participation from pan Odisha having around 100 participants from 70 different companies. Thus making it’s a successful conference.

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