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PAHAL Yojana will End Black Marketing in LPG: Modi

Narendra Modion LPG PAHALPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said direct cash transfer schemes like the “PAHAL Yojana” will bring an end to black-marketing and subsidies will reach people more effectively. Expressing satisfaction at the registration of 10 crore citizens as part of the “PAHAL Yojana”, the prime minister said the scheme has a major role in nation-building. “Gives me great joy to know that over 10 crore citizens have been registered as a part of the PAHAL Yojana. A momentous accomplishment. This makes PAHAL Yojana among the largest cash transfer schemes in the world,” he said.

Congratulating the beneficiaries and officials, Modi said: “PAHAL Yojana will bring an end to black-marketeering and subsidy will reach people more effectively. Its role in nation-building is important.” Last month, Modi reviewed the progress of the direct benefit transfer of LPG (DBTL) scheme – Pratyaksh Hanstantarit Labh (PAHAL) – for paying consumers subsidy on cooking gas (LPG) directly into their bank accounts.

The scheme aims to reduce diversion and eliminate duplicate or bogus LPG connections. The Prime Minister has been actively batting for the PAHAL Yojana which he earlier described as the next big scheme which will substantially benefit the economy after the Jan Dhan financial inclusion programme. The direct benefit transfer scheme was re-launched in 54 districts Nov 15, 2014, and is envisaged to cover over 15.3 crore consumers across 676 districts of the country. (IANS)

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