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Facebook Debate on Kashmir Unrest and Talks with Separatists

kashmir bandh 1There have been reports of the Centre planning various steps to resolve the ongoing crisis in Kashmir, including dialogue with the separatists. Should ‪#‎NarendraModi‬ Govt. talk to the Separatists to end ‪#‎Kashmir‬ impasse?

Sambit Nanda: Yes..there is a need for talks with the misguided people.. Obviously, after eliminating the anti-national bugs..

Sanjay Kumar Sandha: Yaa, this is a very good step to talk with the separatists. Let’s know about their opinion of J&K.

Vijaya Singh: No need to.. They are a bunch of mad power-hungry coots.

Gyanranjan Samal: Arrest them on the ground for anti national activities and put them in jail. Law should take its own course.

Sangram Keshari Nepak: But according to the self-proclaimed desh bhakts, pellet gun is the only answer to those people….So, Modi govt should continue to resolve the issues with pellet gun only….

Brahmananda Sahu: Kashmiri separatists are running their business with funding from neighboring countries for decades. Do you think they will stop their business? No need to talk. They need hard talks.

Bharat Mishra: They should be deported to Pakistan.

Charulata Panigrahi: I am hopeful, Narendra Modi will find a way to solve the Kashmir issue.

Keya Ghosh: Absolutely not! Separatists should be tried on sedition charges. That would serve them right.

Marshal Panda: When there is an elected govt. in Srinagar, why should Delhi talk to the splittists?

Rabi Narayan Pal: Rather, he should speak to party cadres who remain with him both in good and bad days.

Chennubhotla Bapujee: No need to negotiate with the separatists in any way. It will be treated as bowing down to their (as well Pakistan’s) demand. If we need to talk, then both parts of Kashmir (including PoK and Chinese occupied) should be merged first and brought under the control of Indian troops

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