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Facebook Debate on Requirements of Common People

Poverty-OdishaWhat is more important for poor and needy people in Odisha? What gives them solace and a reason to smile? Employment, Better Living Condition, Food/Accommodation or Propagation of Language, Culture and Religion?Akshay Rout: Poor people want education, good living conditions, basic amenities, employment and also in return they help in nation building. But, government of the day has ulterior motive utilising them as vote bank and winning election after election without any real development. They are being lured with a few bucks and freebies.Priyadarshini Pati: Whether poor or needy, everyone needs employment. If you are employed, you can fulfill your basic needs. Good living condition and all. we should not forget poor people are also educated and can shine given a chance.
Satyabrata Panda: Our policy makers have confused welfarism with freebies, doles and subsidies. But the past experiences clearly show that they are not the panacea. No where they have been proved sustainable without income generation. Therefore employment should be the focus. All other alternatives you have prescribed are to be designed to supplement the employment opportunity.

Umashankar Satapathy: People in Odisha should be given employment and mandatory education. People who take afternoon naps after having ‘Pakhal’, should be monitored for the overall development.

Sachida Nanda Swain: Of course, better employment, better living conditions, food/accommodations are need for everyone and is required and important. I believe language, culture and religion also lined to all these! Language is required for communication what is required, what is best for our people. Similarly food is related to our culture and religion! So I think both are required!

Gyanranjan Samal: Education followed by Employment can provide income and food. So, Employment is key for hunger free Odisha. Our leaders needs to be visionary. The present government in Odisha should act in line with vision of none other than Biju Patnaik, making Odisha self sustaining in Industry and Agriculture. This will ensure employment, there by fulfilling all our aspirations including food, peace, crime free society, better living condition, accommodation etc. thereby enriching our social life.

Raghunath Panda: The day should start with 2 full square meals with dignity. The children should be brought up without any reservations. There should an assured man days’ work. No drama like free Ambulance service, subsidized stuffs, snatching of benefits from the poor etc. Last but not the least, guilty should be punished severely so that it sends a right warning to others.

Charulata Panigrahi: The most important need of Odisha is an efficient govt, which will utilize the abundant natural resources by creating industries. Huge employment will bring happiness and contentment.

Satyajit Dash: At first food and accommodation. This is the need of the hour to sustain self and family. Then come education and employment.

Sambit Nanda: We lack a visionary leader who will put forth the interest of Odias rather concentrating on power politics only, who will prioritize on employment followed by proper education at first. A change is need of the hour. If people will get their earning they will be less dependent on govt for anything.
Chennubhotla Bapujee: The poverty or poor are not restricted to Odisha only, it is like an epidemic throughout India. That is to be taken up nationwide as a revolution by providing the basics of housing, education, employment (at least for one in the family), Medicare (especially rural areas with feasible approaches). The above to be provided irrespective of the caste, region or language. First step towards the above is to be taking over of rivers and mines (mineral wealth) by Central Govt (from the preview of states).

Gopal Sahu: Quality education and employment are more important for the needy and poor people of Odisha. Other things hardly matter.
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