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Civil Aviation Minister carries Match-box in Plane !!

Ashok Gajapathi RajuInviting a fresh controversy, Union Civil Aviation Minister Pusapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju on Tuesday proudly said that he can carry a matchbox in a plane because he is not frisked by virtue of his power and position in the Narendra Modi Govt.

“Once I became a minister of civil aviation, people stopped frisking me. I am a heavy smoker, so my match boxes came along with me, which earlier used to get confiscated. And now, I do not lose my match box, but I am yet to come across an incident worldwide where match boxes became a threat,” said Gajapathi raju.

“I do not know what explosives a match box has, but this is the reality” the Minister added.

Matchboxes and lighters are among the items that passengers are not allowed to carry while boarding the plane.

Gajapathi raju, a scion of royal family of Vizayanagram Princly State, won 2014 general election from Vizayanagram Lok Sabha constituency as a Telugu Desam Party, TDP candidate.

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