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BCSBI organises Meeting of Controlling Heads of Banks

BCSBI MeetingA meeting of controlling heads of banks operating in Bhubaneswar was organized by Banks Code and standards Board of India (BCSBI) on Feb 10 at Hotel The New Marrion which was attended by a large number of controlling heads of bank executives from all major banks operating in Bhubaneswar.

The meeting was addressed by Shri. A C Mahajan, Chairman, BCSBI, Shri. N. Raja, chief Executive Officer , BCSBI, Shri B K Mishra, Banking Ombudsman for Odisha and Shri, K M Tiwari, Chief General Manager, State Bank of India, local Health office, Bhubaneswar.

The Chairman highlighted the importance of creating awareness about various provisions of the Codes evolved by BCSBI for individual customers as well as for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) Customers. It was also conveyed to the controllers that during various interactions, customers have to be apprised their rights and enumerated in the Codes. BCSBI was set u in 2006 to prepare and publish Codes & Standards on behalf of member banks with an aim to provide fair treatment to customers and monitor adherence to Codes by banks in true spirit while delivering services to the Customers.

The Codes are Banks’ commitment to customers and contains do’s and don’ts for Banks to follow while dealing with customers. The codes are based on the principles of non-discrimination and banks are required to act in a reasonable non-arbitrary manner while dealing with customers. The Codes also require full disclosure about the Terms and Conditions of the products.

The Codes evolved are periodically reviewed and revised, in collaboration with Indian Banks’ Association, Reserve Bank of India and Member Banks. BCSBI also arranges “Customer Meets” at different centers to provide platform for interface between customers, bankers, BCSBI, RBI and Banking Ombudsman to facilitate exchange of ideas relating to implementation of Codes in particular and Customer Service in general.

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