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KIIT-TBI organizes Seminar on European Patenting System

KIIT-TBI organizes Seminar on European Patenting SystemBhubaneswar, June 4: Capitalizing globally on innovation requires its global legal protection. A technology company operating in one country competes in many cases with firms from the rest of the world. Mediating the effects of this competition requires the right tools to protect a company’s technological assets in the right markets. Whilst Europe and India are major trading partners and important sources of innovation, technology owners from both regions are relatively inactive when it comes to protecting their inventions in each other’s markets.

In the long term, insufficient protection may impede the competitiveness of European and Indian firms, as they will not be able to claim their rights over their inventions in relevant markets. Accessing and using the most appropriate and up to date information on such rights is an important step in strengthening a firm’s competitive edge. Against this backdrop, and with a view to supporting the Indian Government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) and the European Patent Office (EPO), are conducting, in co-operation with different Indian chambers of commerce and government institutions, a series of roving seminars on “Using patent information for business intelligence and IPR commercialization” in India in June.

Shri C.J. Venugopal IAS, Principal Secretary, Science and Technology, Department, Government of Odisha was the Honorable chief guest for the occasion and he addressed the inaugural session emphasizing on Incubation Centre their growth and prosperity. He appreciated EBTC officials for making such events which in return is fruitful for country’s growth in IPR sector by initializing through collaborative approach. “Through these workshops we intend to raise awareness and build the capacity in intellectual property, enabling innovators to proactively search for state-of-the-art clean technologies, create their own analyses, and identify rights holders for technology transfer, said Poul V Jensen, Director, EBTC.. “Having established the world’s largest collection of patent information, and made this readily available via the internet, the EPO welcomes the opportunity for these services to be increasingly used by Indian users in order to support innovation and technology transfer between our two regions, “said EPO Principal Director, François-Régis Hannart.

“The co-operation developing between the EPO and India’s Intellectual Property Office will also help maximise synergies and interactions between our patent systems for the benefit of both regions,” he said. “In the knowledge economy, IP and IP commercialization are key indicator for competiveness and growth for industry. The efforts of NRDC, EBTC and KIIT through the workshop bring the required awareness of IP among the stakeholders and facilitate successful IP commercialization, “said Mr. B.K Sahu, Deputy Manager- IPR of National Research Development Corporation under Ministry Science and Technology, Govt of India, New Delhi. KIIT Technology Business Incubator (KIIT-TBI), especially the Bioincubator is promoting several technology based
start-up companies which are engaged in filing several IPs and such workshop will bring detail understanding of patent regimes followed in Europeans countries, said Dr. Mrutyunjay Suar, CEO of KIIT-TBI.

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