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Sri Sri University in Cuttack celebrates 2nd Convocation

Convocation 5Cuttack, Sep 1: Sri Sri University today celebrated its Second Convocation in the presence of Mr. Naveen Patnaik, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha as the Chief Guest, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Panigrahy, Hon’ble Minister, Department of Higher Education and Mr. Savji Dhanji Dholakia, a leading industrialist as Guests of Honour and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, humanitarian and spiritual leader and founder, Sri Sri University.

83 MBA graduates received their certificates; six were awarded gold medals for outstanding performance under various specializations. Two students, Mr. Seetharaman, Chairman, Doha Bank, Dubai and Ms. Suseela Rani,Assistant Professor, Lendi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Andhra Pradesh, received their Ph.Ds. They have the distinction of being the first doctorates to graduate from Sri Sri University.

Opening the convocation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “Three qualities are essential to succeed in life: passion, stability and strength. There can be no achievement without passion, or a vision. Along with a vision, you also to have stability, your emotions must be stable otherwise your dreams will keep changing and it doesn’t lead you anywhere. For this you have yoga, pranayam and meditation. An attitude of selflessness or service to society also brings stability. You also need to be strong physically, mentally and spiritually. Knowledge and experience bring stability. The whole world is your university, so learn from everybody,” quoting the Upanishads.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.NaveenPatnaik expressed his gratitude towards the contribution made by Sri Sri towards holistic education.

Convocation 6 “We want our new generation to be both economic and social entrepreneurs. Our students must be able to dream big and contribute on a global scale. As Gandhiji said, you have to be the change you want to see in society. Always try to believe in yourself, you are the sole makers of your destiny,” he said, addressing the graduating students.

Minister of Higher Education and Guest of Honour, Mr.PradeepPanigrahy stressed on the importance of higher education and its value to overall development of a society. Guest of Honour and Founder Hari Krishna Exports, Mr.SavjiDholakia, spoke about his experience as a business leader and the importance of commitment and focus in achieving success.

Presenting a report on the milestones achieved by the University since commencement in 2012, Vice Chancellor Dr.NandLal announced the launch of several new courses in the next academic year including two-year Master’s programmes in Mathematics, Statistics, Sanskrit, Philosophy, a two-year Bachelor’s program in Education, three-year Bachelor’s programme in Tourism and Travel Management and four- year Bachelors programme in Fine Arts (BFA) .

The varsity is also starting programmes in Architecture, Journalism and Osteopathy. The programme in Journalism has a target to create ethical and effective journalists and the B.Edprogramme has been designed to create dynamic teachers who can offer the best of modern technology with ancient wisdom.

The University also awarded honorary Ph.Ds to outstanding individuals in various fields Mr.RamojiRao (Founder, Ramoji Group), Mr.MaheshGupta(CMD, Kent RO Systems Ltd) and Mr.BinodChaudhary (President, Chaudhary Group).

A Convocation Brochure was released by the University to mark the occasion. The Convocation was attended by industry leaders, senior bureaucrats and media personalities.

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