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Bimal Barik – Symbol of growing fanaticism in IT Industry

Bimal BarikThere have been numerous instances of educated, qualified, yet religious fanatics finding IT companies as a safe haven to carry out their propaganda and hidden agenda. Often, the IT companies failed to do proper background check and hire them only to repent at a later stage. The recent incident involving the TCS Employee in Chennai, who was plotting to kill PM Narendra Modi, has exposed the loopholes as well as rising incidents of fanaticism in Indian IT Industry.

The Odisha News Insight came across one such person, who claims to be working with BJP’s IT Cell in Bengaluru. At the same time, he cites his past experience as Philips, present employment with Wipro Technologies as potential employers as Dell and OpenText. As expected, such people always operate under disguise and launch a propaganda, while providing misleading facts and personal information so that they are not exposed in public domain.

We are talking about Bimal Barik, who originally hails from Khapuria in Cuttack district of Odisha, but has made a base in Bengaluru in Karnataka. His Twitter profile reads as ‘Bitter Truth’ and he speaks more and more against Muslims. He claims to be associated with RSS since Class 8.

Bimal Barik WiproIt’s not a sin to work with BJP or RSS. But, things get dirtier when somebody becomes a religious fanatic and targets other community while spreading lies and inflammatory messages on social media. And, when such a person works at IT Companies, he gets his living as well as a secure place to launch his malicious propaganda. Bimal is exactly doing this.

As seen in many WhatsApp Group and Facebook debates (we have evidences), Bimal works on an agenda to slam Muslims, Islam and spreading false news. He definitely has a good grasp over English language, but his postings and comments are enough to instigate the other community and incite communal passions. He even calls Rahul Gandhi as ‘Rahul Khan’.

People close to Bimal Barik, who have been with him on WhatsApp and Facebook, believe that he is suffering from a personality disorder like many others in IT industry and he seriously needs medical attention. Well, it’s difficult to say, as his friends are not medical experts. But, there is something that definitely needs attention.

Rather than Bimal or BJP, the IT companies will have to do self-introspection. Do they subject their employees to rigorous scrutiny and browse through their social profiles to dig deeper? If not, they need to reconsider their approach now or never…

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