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Indian Firms look forward to Ultra-Secured M7 Chip: Oracle

M7 chipSan Francisco, Oct 29: With the launch of the world’s first, ultra-secured silicon-based microprocessor that can detect cyber threats in real-time, the Indian companies have reacted positively to the announcement, flooding the Oracle India executives with queries about its availability and delivery to their doorsteps.

The revolutionary 32-core, 256-thread SPARC M7 chip features an always-on security, the first-ever memory intrusion detection and a high-speed data encryption. “Since the announcement at OpenWorld 2015, we have been receiving an immense response from the Indian customers and retailers. We will soon start shipping M7 microprocessor to those who will place the orders,” Amit Malhotra, head (systems LoB), India systems at Oracle.

The M7 microprocessor is not only going to give Oracle an extra edge in the enterprise, big data and cloud applications market but also going to provide a next-generation security at a time when the world is losing the battle against malicious cyber attacks. Two new standalone servers, SPARC T7 and SPARC M7, provide entry points that take advantage of the new processor’s unique embedded performance and security functions.

“We were gearing up for a few months for the game-changing announcement on SPARC M7 chip. Now, with our executive chairman and chief technology officer Larry Ellison making it official here, there has been a flood of queries coming in from India,” Malhotra informed. The microprocessor features an always-on security, the first-ever memory intrusion detection and a high-speed encryption.

“The security is always on with the first-ever hardware-based memory intrusion detection. It detects cyber threats real-time and shut and eliminate bugs,” Ellison said during his keynote address on October 27. The launch of M7 processor is crucial, Malhotra said, at a time when Oracle’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) business is gaining rapidly in India and the company is set to gain the first position in the country in the ERP segment faster than ever.

“We are offering ERP solutions across the board – from the traditional banking and finance industry to the emerging e-commerce segment. Our USP is end-to-end encrypted, highly secured ERP solutions that address the entire workload with high-end security and speed,” Malhotra emphasised.

After becoming the leader in Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS), Oracle India is now focusing on the next big thing – Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS). “The IaaS cloud platform provides many of the benefits of a cloud deployment — on your premise, under your security and control or at your hosting provider’s premise,” Malhotra noted.

Thomas Kurian, president of product for Oracle, on October 27 announced a series of new cloud infrastructure services a” elastic compute, docker capabilities, archival storage and database migration. The Oracle cloud continues to show strong adoption, supporting over 70 million users and more than 34 billion transactions each day.

It runs on more than 50,000 devices and more than 800 petabytes of storage in 20 data centres around the world. The M7 processor is the result of five-and-a-half years of co-development by engineers from Oracle and Sun Microsystems which Oracle acquired in 2010.

The M7 incorporates silicon-embedded advancements primarily in two areas: security and performance. Known as “Silicon Secured Memory”, this feature recognises an illegal memory reference “when an application attempts to access memory that’s dedicated to another application” and stops it.

At OpenWorld, Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka announced that Infosys Finacle’s core banking solution – running on new and secure Oracle SuperCluster M7 microprocessor – has set a new record for the number of banking transactions processed. “The solution supported more than two billion bank accounts with near linear scalability,” he said.

The tests were conducted across a mix of delivery channel transactions that could originate from branches, ATMs, online and mobile channels.

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