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Petrol crosses Rs 91/l, Diesel at Rs 80 in Maharashtra

ONI Bureau:  Petrol retail rates finally breached the Rs 90 mark in Mumbai by touching Rs 90.08 per litre in Mumbai on Monday, but stood much higher elsewhere in the state, industry officials said.

Federation of Maharashtra Petroleum Dealers Association (FAMPEDA) President Uday Lodh said that the new rate became effective after a hike of 11 paise effected on Monday.

Parbhani District Petrol Dealers Association (PDPDA) President Sanjay Deshmukh said the petrol rates soared to Rs 91.91 in the districts.

The highest petrol prices logged in various cities included: Nanded Rs 91.61, Amravati Rs 91.31, Ratnagiri Rs 91.14 and Jalgaon Rs 91.01, said Lodh.

Similarly, diesel prices also shot up by five paise per litre in Parbhani where it sold at Rs 79.15, said Deshmukh.

However, Aurangabad notched the highest prices when diesel crossed the Rs 80 mark and retailed on Monday at Rs 80.53 per litre, followed by Amravati at Rs 79.90 and Solapur at Rs 79.25.

An official said that there was no fall in demand with the festival season currently on, and the upward trend was likely to continue for some time. (IANS)

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