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Provoking Dalits for Votes would lead to Disaster

Dalit-OutrageThere has been a huge outrage over the rising atrocities on Dalits and discrimination against them over the last few months. Is India really witnessing such an unprecedented situation today or is it manufactured by some vested interests for petty political gains? We have already seen a series of outrage over issues such as ‘Attacks on Church’, ‘Intolerance’, ‘Oppression of Muslims/Dalits’ etc. But, they all died unnatural death.

Were the Dalits in India safe, secure, affluent and living with peace and dignity till May 2014? Were they socially accepted by the upper caste earlier? If we believe the outrage and debates, situation has gone worse only after Narendra Modi came to power. Only the Dalits can answer what their so-called ‘saviours’ or ‘champions of Dalit cause’ did over the decades and how much benefits were passed on to them.

Treating the Dalits as Vote Bank and provoking them for political gains, would lead to a massive disaster for the country. Dalit Uprising won’t serve any good purpose. Rather, it would create further unrest and anarchy. Instead of fuelling trouble, the political parties must work towards the goal of ending social discrimination through awareness campaigns, which may benefit the Dalits in the long run. Give the Dalits their due, don’t force them to snatch it…

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