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Students or Hooligans? Calling PM a “Pimp” Outrageous

JNU-Students-ModiFrom the Editors’ Desk: When the video showing Delhi Police’s brutality against young JNU students, who were protesting against the RSS office in Delhi, went viral, it was obvious for all us to be sympathetic towards the protesters. The police excess against women can’t be justified and we all condemned it in strong words. But hours later, we got to know the shocking reality. That was the other side of the story. And, to be honest, the students lost all sympathy within a moment!

Rohith Vemula, whether Dalit or non-Dalit, committed suicide at Hyderabad Central University. Does not matter whether he was right or wrong ideologically. He was a student and a precious life was lost. His mother lost his lone hope. But, the ‘politics of vulturism’ made a mockery of the dead. When Rohith committed suicide in Hyderabad and protests are going on at HCU, what made so-called Left and AAP leaning JNU students try to barge into the RSS office in Delhi?

They can blame the University and Government. But, why drag RSS into it? And, when you gherao their office, chant ‘RSS Murdabad’ slogans and try to enter the premises, do you expect a red carpet welcome from the cops and others? And, the shocking video proved how peaceful the male/female students were! They made obscene gestures at the female cops, abused them and called PM Narendra Modi ‘Dalla’ or ‘Pimp’. The provocation was pre-planned. When women cops are called ‘whores’ and PM Modi their ‘pimp’, do we still expect that cops won’t lose their cool and greet the barricade-breaking protesters?

Another video showed a group of students sitting on a dharna and chanting slogans such as ‘Neem Ka Patta Kadwa Hai, Narendra Modi Bhadwa Hai’. That shows the upbringing of these students, who call themselves as ‘scholars’ of JNU. Sorry, our parents never taught us to indulge in such activities. Many of us would agree that these students brought shame to their parents and teachers.

We have seen many student movements, revolutions and protests. Anna Hazare’s movement was the glaring example. But, ever before the students or activists stopped to such a low what they are doing today. They are few in numbers, but bringing disrepute to the entire community. It’s high time their fellow students realise and understand the gravity of the situation and confront these hooligans, who are working on a plan/conspiracy to trigger unrest and chaos across the country. They boast of the Leftist ideology, which always believe in anarchy and anti-establishment theories.

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