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Congress’ Bandh vs BJP’s Hartal: Common People the Victim

ONI Bureau: Dear Congress & BJP, we understand you want to make your presence felt today, as the opposition space is up for grabs. We do understand you are leaving no stones unturned to project yourself as the alternative to BJD. But, what about common people in Odisha?

Why Odisha Bandh again? Why the Hartal? We still remember whenever there is a bandh or hartal, public suffers. Vandalism comes into force and hooligans don’t even spare women and elderly people. Vehicles get damaged, innocents get beaten up and businesses get hit badly.

Whose interest will this Odisha Bandh or Hartal serve?

Congress can hold protests, demonstrations, target the CM, Police and the Administration. Go on hunger strike, as you have strong leaders to do that. Do whatever possible to put the government in the dock and ensure justice to the victim. People will definitely support you.

BJP has been holding protests and demonstrations since yesterday. It’s obvious and nobody has objections. They can go a step further, seeking PM’s intervention in this matter and clear the air, as BSF’s CoBRA Battalion has been the main suspect here. BJP can also press for a CBI probe and urge Home Minister Rajnath Singh to intervene.

But, NO. None of these parties would be doing this. Instead, they would go for brazen display of political clout on the streets of Odisha tomorrow with their ‘Bandh’ and ‘Hartal’, causing huge inconvenience and trouble to common people. Their bitter fight for political supremacy, will also end up with massive loss to the exchequer as well as business establishments. Students will be deprived of education. Commuters will have a tough time, patients will suffer as well.

And, at the end of the day tomorrow, both parties would be busy calculating the profit and loss from the power battle. While the Odisha Government has miserably failed to deliver justice in Kunduli case, BJP and Congress are not doing anything better to improve the system. Rather, they are messing things up.

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