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HDFC Bank distributes Umbrellas, Masks to Traffic Volunteers

_MG_1921[1]Bhubaneswar, Sep 29: The officials of HDFC Bank have distributed traffic umbrellas and face masks to traffic volunteers here today at Commissionerate of Police headquarters. The programme was attended by Namrata Chadha, AOTWA, Ravi Sharma of Lokmitra Foundation, Linkan Subudhi of Seva Prayash, Debasis Senapati, Zonal Head of HDFC bank, Twin City Police Commissioner, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma and many other dignitaries.

Speaking on the occasion, Namrata Chadha said that “I believe in voluntarism, each and every person should involve in voluntarism for a good cause”. She extended thanks to Commissioner for his collaboration for this event. Chadha said that our volunteers did excellent job during Nabakalebara festival and hope they would render their best services during upcoming festivals including Durga Puja.

Linkan Subudhi of Seva Prayash said that, “Our aim is to make people aware about safety measures like wearing helmet and seat belt while driving. In some cases, we come across rude people those don’t listen to us. But we have trained our volunteers to deal politely in such situations. One officer assigned by ACP is teaching Karate, and traffic management.”

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma, Commissioner, said that “I sincerely thank HDFC Bank officials for taking such initiative to distribute umbrellas, water bottles and masks to traffic volunteers, those are working selflessly. We are planning to give some basic amenities to these traffic volunteers as well.”

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