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Minister Pradip Amat questions CAG Findings on Irregularities

Pradip Kumar AmatOdisha Finance Minister Pradip Amat Sunday questioned the findings of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) which exposed the irregularities and misdeeds of the state government in several audit reports. The opposition Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) left no time to corner the government for questioning a constitutional body to save its skin from the irregularities. “CAG findings are not the gospel truth. The findings are subjected to further scrutiny and examination,” said Amat.

He, however, said: “We honour the CAG but, at the same time, would examine the reports to find out the faults.” In its recent reports tabled in the Odisha assembly, the CAG has rapped the state government for mismanagement in the distribution of relief materials during cyclone Phailin, cost overrun in lift irrigation projects, overlooking the irregularities in higher education sector etc.

Leader of opposition Narasingha Mishra said it is a government, which does not care the constitution and any constitutional authority including High Court, Lokpal and Auditor General. “So, there is no need to be astonished over the remark of the finance minister,” said Mishra. BJP legislature party leader Basant Panda termed Amat’s statement ‘unfortunate’.

“The statement of the finance minister is unfortunate. He should state meaningful words. Since the findings of CAG hamper the personal interests of BJD, they are trying to ignore state interest and dishonour the constitutional body,” said Panda. (IANS)

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