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Odisha Govt. to focus on creating 3 million jobs in Odisha

Odisha government plans to unveil a new industrial policy with a thrust on the generation of new employment opportunities. The state government is committed to overcoming regional differences by hastening the speed of development.

The first session of the 16th Odisha Legislative Assembly commenced from June 25 as Odisha’s Governor Ganeshi Lal addressed the state legislative assembly stating, “Best-in-class industrial parks will be established for each of the focus sectors. Industrial corridors will be created for setting up small and medium enterprises across the state. For extension of credit at concessional rates to the eligible MSMEs (micro, small & medium enterprises), a suitable interest subvention scheme shall be introduced by my government”

Prof Ganeshi Lal, in the state assembly, has addressed the focus of state government to draw investment and boost jobs by the following ways:

  1. The government will create three million employment opportunities in six focus sectors.
  2. 75% of jobs will be reserved for qualified local youth
  3. World Skill Centre will produce 150,000 high skilled professionals who will have global employable potential
  4. ‘Skilled in Odisha’ will be branded into a global brand
  5. 1.5 million youth will be skilled in the next five years