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Satish Gajviye uploads YouTube Video to justify Police Action

Satish-YouTubeFormer Kendrapara SP Satish Gajviye, who has been in the firing line over the police excess in Kendrapara, plays the ‘communal card’ to divert the attention from police atrocity and instead put the blame on Bajrang Dal, saying there were efforts to trigger communal riots in Kendrapara, but the police forces led by him, foiled the attempt.

After drawing flak for his Facebook post, he deleted that, but uploaded two videos to YouTube, justifying the police action during Sarathi Baba controversy.

“Many are shedding crocodile tears over alleged violence in Police action. The hooligans wanted to push the town in communal riots. Police Controlled them effectively. No Public was injured but many policeman sustained bleeding injuries,” he wrote.

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