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Textile Industry in Odisha on a Decline

ONI Bureau: In a reply to BJP MLA Dilip Ray’s query in the Assembly, Handlooms, Textiles and Handicrafts Minister Snehangini Chhuria has projected a gloomy picture of Textile industry in the State.

Here are the Key Excerpts:

* Odisha needs 108 crore sq. ft. clothes @ Rs 12,000 crore every year.

* State produces only 3% of the required clothes. No power loom units or spinning mills have been established in Odisha in last 10 years. No investment proposals yet.

* Odisha produces high quality cutton; we have skilled workers. But, due to Govt apathy, the entire textile industry is on a decline.

* Biju Babu’s Dream Project OTM (Odisha Textiles Mill), 12 other power loom units and 13 spinning mills have been shut down.
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