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Facebook Debate @ Attack on Naveen Patnaik in Social Media

Naveen-BJD-PresidentWill too-much Naveen/BJD bashing help political rivals to gain ground and win the hearts of common people? Will they be able to provide a strong alternative in the state by 2019?

Satyanarayan Gantayat: Simply can’t, as they were/are/will be copies of those they criticise.

Charulata Panigrahi: Yes, political rivals will be encouraged if the people show their anger and hatred for the present ruling party.

Laxmikant Rout: Yes, of course! Now most of the people have hatred towards to BJD due to their own negligence and lies. Alternative required to counter & put Odisha on the path of development.

Abhijit Mishra: The whole world of BJD revolves around Naveen Patnaik… His swaccha chhabi…. But now there is a dent in it….his invincibility is now questionable…. His followers now want to make more hay when the sunshine… The sun did set for the mighty British Empire.. sun will set for BJD….Kalahandi Dana Majhi story is the beagle for it.

Sachida Nanda Swain: Nope. It’s not bashing which will help. Somebody has to stand up and show the rural Odisha what BJD govt has done to them! Just like the great politician Arvind Kejriwal did using Anna’s shoulder. At least that might make some change. Unless people in rural Odisha know the fact, nothing with happen even if you bash this govt globally!

Vijaya Singh: The fact is that if they have not or have worked at the ground level, then chances are there, but mere words I don’t think so.

Devi Prasad Misra: No BJD or Navin bashing is visible in Odisha. The protests organised by either congress or BJP has no impact since congress has no mass contact or cadres to carry any message of wrong doings by BJD and BJP’s presence in the coastal area is very less. Until and unless the opposition strengthen their mass base an alternative to BJD is most unlikely.

Dhunku Sambalpur: BJD as well Naveen Patnaik has become unpopular, his charisma is fading out, a split in the Party, either by Baijayant or Prasanna Acharya or any one may bring Congress to Power.

Gyanranjan Samal: The ground is open, but no suitable alternative is available. The leaders in opposition are fighting with each other, neglecting the state for their personal ambitious goals. The panchayat elections will confirm the strength of the opposition. Till Naveen is there, the alternative looks distant dream. Social medial is virtual and far from ground reality.

Satyapriya Satapathy: BJD has just one leader – Naveen Patnaik. Other parties have got so many leaders irrespective of elected/selected. They will find it difficult to win the hearts of rural Odisha.

Shishir Gamang: At least people are coming up with concrete proof and presenting facts not like previously.

Ajit Dash: BJD has done everything wrong in recent times so obviously it will be an added advantage to other parties.

Ajoy Das: No. There is a govt and governance. Ministers are corrupt, no action taken. Industry has taken back seat. Agriculture total failure. vote bank is eroding.

Raghunath Panda: Lack of unity and infighting in other parties, will make him succeed this time too.

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