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Rahul cracks whip; suspends Mani Aiyar from Congress

ONI Bureau: The unexpected finally happened! Congress heavyweight leader Mani Shankar Aiyar was suspended from the primary membership of the party for calling PM Modi a ‘Neech Aadmi’ and offering a lukewarm apology despite Rahul Gandhi’s rebuke.

Although Aiyar clarified that he never meant ‘low born’ when he said ‘Neech Aadmi’ and that he was not aware about the nuances and different interpretations of the word ‘neech’, the Congress did not take this “gaffe” lightly.

Mani Shankar Aiyar’s tirade just two days before the first phase Gujarat polls and PM Modi and BJP started taking full advantage of the situation. Rahul, who first disapproved Aiyar’s remark and asked him to tender an aplogoy to PM Modi, had to act swiftly to prevent any further damage, as Aiyar did not show signs of remorse.

Call it a political compulsion or strategy, it’s good that good sense finally prevailed. Hope politicians exercise restraint in their language and do not stoop to low while commenting on rivals.

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