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104 Covid19 Helpline Call Centre Turns Saviour To Provide Assistance To The Distressed

Among many initiatives by the State Government to stop spreading of a novel coronavirus in the state, one such initiative is 104 COVID19 helpline.

The 104 helpline has become a prime protector hub in the state. In addition to registering names of the persons returning from COVID19 affected countries, it is providing counselling and medical advice during quarantine and isolation.

The helpline was launched in 2015 to assist people. Prior to COVID19 it used to receive 500 calls per day but owing to the quarantine it has been receiving more than 7,000 calls each day.

Earlier, the call centre had 45 employees but now 150 people and 14 doctors are stationed to provide assistance and counselling during quarantine and lockdown.

Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy visited the upgraded 104 COVID19 helpline call centre which is now a distress hub for people.

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