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ACP Sanjiv Satpathy terms his Son’s death an Accident

ONI Bureau:  ACP Sanjiv Satpathy on Monday clarified that his 12-year-old son died of accident when the noose of his jean pant “accidentally” tightened around his neck while he was playing a prank.

“It was not suicide, it was an accident”, claimed the ACP.

In a press release, Satpathy said, “My son was brilliant student and was very affectionate too and above all he loves his parents and only sister very much.”

“He was in the habit of playing prank with his family members. To show his anger to his mother so that she won’t abuse him in future he was showing off by putting a jean pant on his neck and accidentally he fell inside the clutches which could not noticed by my wife, Satpathy said.”

Therefore he requested the media not to spread “rumours”.

Earlier on Sunday, Sanjiv Satpathy’s 12-year-old minor son Ayushman Satpathy found hanging in his bedroom at his father’s official residence in Jayadev Vihar in Bhubaneswar.

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