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CSD, Odisha holds ‘Jail Bharo Andolan’ over Land Policy

CSD-OdishaAlleging conspiracy and attempts made by both the Central and State Govts to dilute the Authority of the ‘Gram Sabha’ established under Forest Rights Act, 2006, the State Chapter of Campaign for Survival and Dignity (CSD) Odisha, which played a vital role in mobilizing the tribals and forest dwellers across the States for the enactment of historic FRA in 2006 and presently monitoring its implementation all over the States, today organized “Jail Bharo Anadolan” at Lower PMG, Bhubaneswar.

The outfit condemned the Central Govt. for the recent “Land Acquisition Ordinance” which it believes, again undermines the authority of the Gram Sabha and also condemned the State Govt. for its failure to recognize the Community Forest Rights even after implementation of FRA since 2008 in the State.

Here are the Key Demands made by CSD:

DSC005491. Stop the attempts to undermine the Power of the “Gram Sabha Sarkar” by diluting Forest Rights Act, 2006 and since 28th October 2014 MoEF Order is one step ahead to dilute the Authority of the Gram Sabha, withdraw it immediately.
2. Withdraw the Anti-people “Land Acquisition Ordinance”.
3. Let the “Gram Sabha Sarkar” decide any diversion of forest land for non forest works including allowing Khandadhar to POSCO, construction of Polavaram Dam etc.
4. Respect the decisions of the Gram Sabha Sarkar in the determination of the boundary of Community Forest Resource(CFR) Area.
5. Don’t initiate any process for the diversion of forest land in any village before completion of Individual and Community rights recognition and settlement process.
6. Stop Interferences of Bureaucrats in recognizing Individual Forest Rights of the OTFDs and respect the Gram Sabha’s recommendation for it.
7. Withdraw all Forest Offence Cases filed against Tribals and OTFDs before and after FRA, 2006.
DSC006118. Do proper verification of the IFR claims, correct all faulty IFR titles issued and stop any kind of plantation over the cultivable land(the rice bowel) of tribals and OTFDs.
9. Ensure Community Ownership rights(collection and disposal) over Minor Forest Produce from all forest areas irrespective of Reserve Forests, Sanctuaries and National Parks and return back all the income generated from Kendu Leaf business from last 2006 to its real owners, the KL Pluckers of the State.
10. Identify all the forest and Unsurveyed villages in the State and convert them in to Revenue villages as per the guidelines issued by MoTA on 8th Nov 2013.
11. Recognize the PTG Habitat rights of all the 13 PTG/PVTGs of the State so that these areas can be better protected from destruction.

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