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Damodar Rout disagrees with Naveen Patnaik

ONI Bureau: Odisha Minister Dr. Damodar Rout continues to defy party supremo and CM Naveen Patnaik on various issues. While he has turned BJD’s achiles’ heel in the recent days, the CM still tolerates his off-the-mark remarks.

On the death anniversary of Jayee Rajguru, CM Naveen Patnaik tweeted, hailing Jayee Rajguru as the first freedom fighter of Odisha. Dr. Rout, who had earlier created a stir with his claim that ‘Jayee was not a freedom fighter at all’, refused to accept the CM’s version.

“I won’t change my stand. History can’t be changed. Historians have concluded with solid research and proof that Jayee Rajguru was not a freedom fighter. So, I would go with them,” said Dr. Dama Rout.

He slammed the media when they sought to draw a parallel between CM Naveen Patnaik’s tweet and his statement, asking them to focus on their work and not to try to trap him.

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