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Female Dentist, Mother arrested in Bhubaneswar for Shoplifting

Female Dentist, Mother arrested in Bhubaneswar for ShopliftingIn a shocking and bizarre development, a lady Dentist and her mother were arrested by the Sahid Nagar police in Bhubaneswar on charges of theft from Shopping Malls. The cops had laid a trap to arrest the mother-daughter duo.

The cops later raided their house and seized items worth Rs 2 lakh, which were looted from shopping malls. They included 165 ladies’ purses, 28 sarees and 13 dresses. Father of the Dentist is said to be a Retd. senior Bank Officer. He had retired as a Chief Manager.

It remains a mystery why people from such an affluent and educated family resorted to such dirty business. Some believe it could be a psychological disorder or tendency, which is driving them to steal good items from shopping malls. However, cops hint at a racket with the involvement of more aides in the theft cases.

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