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Odisha Police Stations get Smartphone Numbers

Police-Commissioner-OdishaThe twin city Police Commissionerate has started Smartphone services for all police stations in Odisha. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma, Commissioner of Police has inaugurated the Smartphone services on Wednesday in the capital. Police stations will use Smartphone fixed numbers to receive complains. IIC of police station will be in charge of the Smartphone numbers and it will be available 24 hours.

It is reported that the number would not be switched off under any circumstances; officials were informed that stern action would be take if any police station Smartphone number does not work. Another officer will take responsibility of the number if the concerned authority is not available.

For better coordination among the police personnel, they will be available in ‘Close User Group’ (CUG). Inaugurating the Smartphone service, the commissioner has provided the CUG number to IICs. On the occasion, around 60 police officers were given the CUG number. It is noteworthy that police official will not be getting mobile phone expenses, they used to get earlier before introduction of this Smartphone services for police stations.

Smartphone Numbers: Bhubaneswar

Police Commissioner: 8280338300

DCP: 8280338302

SP Zone 1: 8280338306

SP Zone 2: 8280338292

SP Zone 3: 8280338293

SP Zone 4: 8280338294

SP Zone 4: 8280338295

SP Zone 6: 8280338296

SP Traffic: 8280338297


Smartphone Numbers of Police Stations in the  Capital:

Traffic Station: 8280338298

Traffic Unit: 8280338299

Capital Station: 8280338307

Kharvel Nagar Police Station: 8280338308

Women Police Station: 8280338309

Dhauli PS: 8280338310

Lingaraj PS: 8280338311

Airfield PS: 8280338312

Jatni PS: 8280338313

Tamando PS: 8280338314

Khandagiri PS: 8280338315

Badagada PS: 8280338316

Laxmi Sagar PS: 8280338317

Balianta PS: 8280338318

Balipatna Ps: 8280338319

Nayapalli PS: 8280338320

Mancheswar PS: 8280338321

Saheed Nagar PS:8280338322

Chandaka PS:8280338323

Nandankanan PS: 8280338324

Infocity PS: 8280338325

Chandrasekharpur PS: 8280338326

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