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Swine Flu Positive Cases go up to 45 in Odisha

Swine Flu VirusThe number of Swine Flu cases in Odisha, has gone up to 45 with the detection of H1N1 in one more patient in Bhubaneswar yesterday. The data was released by the Public Health Department of the state government.

In the latest, a 64-year-old man of Sahid Nagar area has been tested positive. Four other patients whose swabs were sent to Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC), turned negative. The affected person is now being treated at a private hospital in the capital city.

Swine Flu has so far claimed 7 lives across the state. In total, 220 swabs have been examined at the RMRC, out of which 45 have been tested positive for H1N1 virus.

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