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Tableau Row: Misinformation spread against Odisha Govt

ONI Bureau: Quite a few posts on social media, have slammed the Odisha Government on the issue of Republic Day Tableau, saying the State has let down people by not sending a tableau to the Republic Day Parade 2018.

Some even questioned non-Odia IAS Officers as well as CM Naveen Patnaik and inability to speak better Odia. However, the truth is otherwise.

The Odisha News Insight had reported long ago that Odisha Government had sent four Tableau designs including ‘200 Years of Paika Rebellion’ and ‘Thakurani Jatra of Berhampur’.

While the Jury selected the ‘Thakurani Jatra’ tableau and it was sent to the next round, the Ministry of Defence rejected it. Later, the I&PR Department in Odisha clarified that it was done to accommodate tableaux of other states, as only 13 States get the nod in the parade. And, Odisha was already represented last year.

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