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WHO Praises Odisha For Effective COVID-19 Management

The World Health Organisation has praised Odisha for its efforts to effectively manage COVID-19.

In an article uploaded on its website, the WHO has stated the Odisha has been able to tackle COVID-19 well despite facing natural disasters like Cyclone Amphan.

“With cyclone AMPHAN hitting the state amidst the pandemic, evacuating the stranded people safely while adhering to social distancing measures was challenging but the state’s experience in disaster management helped in managing the situation.  Effective governance in collaboration with Panchayati Raj Institutions and community-based response strategy enabled the resilient state to contain the spread of the virus,” the WHO report stated.

Read the article here: From governance to community resilience: Odisha’s response to COVID-19

WHO credited Odisha’s lockdown initiative and setting up of COVID-19 hospital among the parameters that helped in tackling the pandemic.

“Early lockdown, setting up the country’s first dedicated COVID-19 hospital, the temporary medical camps to manage the huge influx of migrants, multisectoral collaboration, community-based disaster management, community engagement and mentoring support programs are some of the key takeaways of the Odisha’s response strategy that have contributed to Odisha’s success in tackling the pandemic.”

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