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Why such Raahgiri in Bhubaneswar at 44.1 degrees C?

RaahgiriNormal life in Bhubaneswar was thrown out of gear on Sunday, as the city recorded 44.1 degrees C – highest in Odisha and 2nd highest in India. All records were shattered. But, there is not let up in Raahgiri Day celebrations. It continued unabated, putting innocent lives at risk.

The BMC and relevant authorities have turned a blind eye towards the danger of intense heatwave, which has already claimed 16 lives so far. The government has made necessary arrangements to save people from heatwave. But, why it still promotes Raahgiri and also expands the network to other parts of the state in this scorching summer, remains a mystery.

At least 16 towns in Odisha recorded above 40 degrees C yesterday; most of them recorded 43 degrees and above. The intense heatwave conditions may prevail for a week or so.

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