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Aparajita Sarangi tears into Odisha Govt on the issue of SHGs

ONI Bureau: Bureaucrat-turned-Politician, Aparajita Sarangi has launched a scathing attack on the Odisha Government on the issue of SHGs, saying the rosy picture of SHGs as claimed by the Govt is far from truth. “I have seen despondency, lack of direction and guidance for initiating women SHGs Into diverse micro-enterprises, she said.

“As a person who has worked for 25 years within the government in Odisha and Delhi, I am speaking with all conviction that we need long-term sustainable growth. The women in Odisha demand small scale industries and permanent source of income. They don’t need short term assistance and support”, said Aparajita Sarangi at a press meet.

In a series of tweets later, he questioned the government’s schemes, claims and their effectiveness. Details below:

– After 19 years of continuous rule, the ruling BJD has not found out any alternative way of improving the financial conditions of SHGs, except giving seed money, Coincidentally (!) Just before the elections!

– In 2013-14, the state had 5.23 lakh SHGs and now claims 3 lakh new SHGs since April, 2017. Should have been a total of 8.23 lakh SHGs but government figures show 6 lakh SHGs. How did the Houdini act of 2.23 lakh vanishing SHGs happen?

– Anyone claiming a rosy Picture of SHGs in Odisha is welcome to come with me on a random tour for interacting with SHG members. I have seen despondency, lack of direction and guidance for initiating women SHGs Into diverse micro-enterprises.

– Letter of W&CD Department, dated 15.10.2018, had given direction to all Collectors to distribute seed money to SHGs. Why was the government waiting till January? Isn’t there a clear linkage between seed money and vote bank politics?

– NABARD figures clearly show that the average number of SHGs linked to Bank Finance in a year is about 72,000. If 6 lakh groups actually exist, and about 72,000 are bank-linked, it reveals absence of Micro-Enterprises and bankable activities.

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