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Odisha’s compulsory measures for the public

From Monday 06 April 2020, the Odisha government made it compulsory for the public to cover their face and mouth with a mask or any kind of cloth-like handkerchief if they go out from their houses.

An order regarding this will be effective from 07:00 hours on 09 April 2020 which is issued by the Revenue and Disaster Management department.

The people are advised to cover their face and mouth with a mask or cloth if they have to go out from their houses due to any reason. If any cloth is used, then at least two layers of the cloth should be used. The masks are very useful to contain the disease and prevent spreading it.

It is also advised to practice social distancing as well as quarantine measures to prevent the spreading of the disease.

The authorities are strictly keeping a watch on the public so that there is no crowding and the people outside their houses are using the masks or cloths in a proper manner.

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